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Our Office Technology

Our office features the most current technology avaliable from digital x-rays to our Cerec crown machine.  We are the only dental practice in our area to offer paperless charting and digital x-rays.  We are very proud of the fact that we are also the only office in our area to offer one visit crowns.

Digital X-Rays


Our office offers all digital x-rays, which reduces our patient's exposure to radiation about 70 to 80%.  Intraoral x-rays include bitewing x-rays and pariapical x-rays.  Extraoral x-rays include our panoramic machine.  All of these x-rays aid in helping us detect cavities and any other issues going on in your mouth.




Our office is proud to say that we are the only office in our area that offers "one visit" crowns (Cerec Crowns).  Cerec allows the doctor and the assistant take digital impressions of your mouth. Then a virtual model of your mouth can be constructed.  We then use this model to create the crown digitally which is passed on to our milling machince that creates the crown.  Finally, the dentist can add the finishing touches to the crown by painting, polishing, and glazing it before cementing it into your mouth.  This allows the dentist to have complete control over the crown-making process with no 3rd party involvment.  It also keeps the patient from having to wear a temporary crown and from having to make another appointment to come back into the office.

Intraoral Cameras


Intraoral cameras allow us to take a digital photo of your teeth and to visually communicate with you, as a patient.  The photos are magnified and allow us to show you a clear picutre of your mouth, which will help the doctors consult with you on the various treatment options.  Intraoral cameras enables us to observe your teeth and any changes that occur in you mouth.

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